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18 July 2019
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Watkins Hire Website

Hire Fleet

LD Boilers has a large fleet of hot water and steam boilers available for hire throught Scotland

Hire boiler units & fuel tank onsite
Bunded fuel tank
Hire boiler on low loader trailer

We can supply:

  • Hire steam boilers with output up to 22686 kg/hr (50,000 lb/hr).
  • Hire boilers with capacities over 7259 kg/hr (16,000 lb/hr) are installed on low loader trailers and are complete with fuel tank and feed water tanks.
  • All other hire units are installed in 6 x 2.4 x 2.6m (20 x 8 x 8'6") shipping containers.
  • Hot water hire boilers with output range up to 3,000 KW.  LTHW to HTHW
  • Hire boiler units can be connected in parallel to achieve even higher outputs.
  • Bunded fuel tanks with capacities ranging from 2954 to 54000 litres (650 to 12000 gallons).
  • All our hire boiler units can be deployed at short notice anywhere within Scotland.

Various fuel options:

  • Natural gas
  • Dual fuel
  • Oil
  • Heavy oil
  • Electric

If you have any queries regarding our boiler hiring capabilities or need to discuss you boiler hire requirements further then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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