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18 July 2019
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Hiring Procedure

LD Boilers offer a complete turnkey operation for our hire boilers. These units can be operated with minimal fuss or disruption to your business.

Boiler in container being lifted by crane
Twin hire steam boilers onsite

Typical boiler hiring procedure:

  • Customer contacts LD Boilers with a hire boiler enquiry.
  • An assessment is performed to determine the most suitable size of hire unit and configuration for the customer's requirements and site conditions.
  • A quotation for the hire period is then provided and on acceptance, the following steps are followed.
  • LD Boilers arranges boiler transportation to the customer's site on the agreed date. The hire boiler container will then be lifted into the designated position onsite.
  • The hire unit is then connected to all necessary utilities such as oil, gas, electricity, drainage, water and steam (Within 6 metres of the unit).
  • Boiler & plant is then fully commissioned to the customer's satisfaction.
  • To provide complete peace of mind throughout the boiler hiring period, LD Boilers supplies free breakdown & callout cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Once the hire period has lapsed, LD Boilers will decommission the hire unit and transport the hire container away from the site.

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