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18 July 2019
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Watkins Hire Website
Watkins Hire Website

Why Hire?

Apart from offering a boiler hire service second to none with competitive boiler rental rates, boiler hiring can also make good business sense too.

Engineer commissioning hire unit
Hot water boiler mounted on trailer

Why hire steam or hot water boilers?

  • To meet the requirements of increased capacity during periods of peak seasonal demand.
  • To provide continuous steam or hot water output when the main equipment is offline for repair, maintenance or upgrade.
  • During short periods of new product research & development, hiring is an ideal way to meet extra steam or hot water demands.
  • To avoid capital outlay and ease cash flow expenditure.

There are many reasons customers choose to hire a steam or hot water boiler. Often for a project that is short term, why buy when you can rent? Here are some short-term boiler applications:

  • Maintaining the supply of steam while client boilers are under annual survey or NDT.
  • To supply steam to ships while alongside shore or in dry dock. Steam pasteurisation of soil prior to crop planting.
  • To provide steam for fuel tank cleaning.
  • Water heating at fish farms during cold periods.
  • Supply of steam to expand pipe liners during pipeline replacement.

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