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18 July 2019
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Watkins Hire Website
Watkins Hire Website

General Service Visit

LD Boilers provide general service visits for all types of industrial steam and hot water boilers and ancillary plant.

A water level contoller being tested
Gas train being checked as part of a service

A typical general service visit checklist:

  • Access and clean combustion chamber
  • Remove and clean burner gun
  • Check and set electrodes
  • Check and clean flame sensing device and test operation
  • Check nozzle size and condition (Oil burners only)
  • Check HT leads and plugs
  • Replace or clean any filters
  • Replace gaskets or seals as required
  • Check oil or gas fuel pressure
  • Check burner settings and combustion readings
  • Give printed combustion analysis report to customer
  • Open any inspection doors and report condition
  • Visual check and report condition of valves: (Blowdown, feedcheck, safety and crownhead)
  • Check thermostats or pressure switches
  • Water feed pump operation
  • Strip and clean water level controls and test operation
  • Strip, clean and repack water gaugecocks and replace gauge glasses
  • Report any recommended work to customer

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