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18 July 2019
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Watkins Hire Website
Watkins Hire Website

Insurance Survey

It is a legal requirement for steam boilers to have an insurance inspection at yearly intervals or as required by your insurance company.

Boiler inspection preparation
Boiler safety-valve being tested for insurance inspection

Typically the following procedure is followed during an insurance survey:

  • Drain boiler then open up water and fire side ready for insurance inspector.
  • Strip gauge cocks and water level controls and overhaul if required.
  • Strip crown head, safety and feed check valves and clean if required.
  • Inspector surveys boiler and submits report to customer.
  • Repair any defects in insurance report at customers instruction and cost.
  • Rebuild boiler and carry out service checks. Raise boiler to pressure and test all operations with insurance inspector present.

If the insurance inspection report highlights any areas requiring attention, do not worry. LD Boilers will endeavour to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum. We can ease this process by:

  • Quoting for the remedial work.
  • If instructed, proceeding with the repairs.
  • If required, supplying a hire boiler in the intervening period until the main steam boiler is back online again.

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