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18 July 2019
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Bakery seeks to increase production capability

05 May 2005

A local bakery company requested our assistance with increasing their output to meet increased production targets.

Fulton Electropack Steam Boiler
Fulton 20E Gas-Fired Steam Boiler

Their initial steam requirement was provided by a Fulton Electropack (Automatic electric steam boiler), which had proved to be a reliable unit but had a limited output.

LD Boilers initially sourced a reconditioned steam heated jacketed pan which was overhauled, tested and installed. Although this increased production it highlighted that the Electropack was already operating at the maximum output.

After several enquiries, LD Boilers managed to source a further two jacketed vessels. As a result the client decided to purchase a reconditioned boiler, a Fulton 20E (Gas fired steam boiler) from us to facilitate these additional vessels. The installation of the new system involved:

  • The boiler being fully reconditioned, inspected by a local surveyor, installed and commissioned.
  • The jacketed vessels were reconditioned and dispatched to a food mixing company who designed and manufactured a suitable mixer unit for each pan.
  • Both of these vessels were then installed in conjunction with the boiler upgrade.
  • An electrical operated control system was installed to control the product temperature for each pan.

These improvements to the bakerys boiler plant and enabled the production output to increase to meet all of the increased production targets. An additional benefit over the new system is that since gas was now the main energy source instead of electricity, the client's energy costs are reduced.

The Electropack has been left connected to the system for emergency use but to date has not been required.

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