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18 July 2019
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Hotel Heating Project

05 May 2005

LD Boilers were contracted to design a heating solution for a large old hospital building being converted into a luxury hotel.

The former old Erskine Hospital View 1
The former old Erskine Hospital View 2
The former old Erskine Hospital View 3

The design team at LD boilers were given the task of coming up with a solution that would provide heat for eighty bedrooms along with hot water and pool heating facilities.

  • The building had 1970's MultiPac units that were unsuitable due to being oversized, in poor condition and the inefficiency of long runs of steam pipe work.
  • A detailed survey of the site was undertaken. Detailed heat loss calculations with building fabric considerations were performed.
  • It was decided to opt for a satellite boiler type installation where three separate boiler modules would be placed close to the point of use.
  • Three Ideal standard boilers were placed at each point with Sondex plate heat exchangers to provide hot water to bathrooms and kitchens. Grunfos pump sets were installed to circulate water around the site.
  • This system has the ability to have two boilers running at any given time. Should external temperatures drop below minus 5°C, the third boiler kick in as well to assist the working boiler.
  • In mild summer conditions with an outside ambient temperature the system will step down to one boiler providing heat for the hot water plate heat-exchangers. A buffer tank has been supplied in order to deal with peak loads and heavy demands.
  • The swimming pool has a supply from one of the boiler modules. This allows the boiler system to provide heat and hot water as well as maintain pool temperature.

The main advantage of this system is that each plant room is independent and will deliver the exact quantity of energy into the part of the hotel that is required as well as providing boiler standby in the event of another unit failing.

Over the last few years the system has run highly satisfactorily providing heat, hot water, and warm water to swim in for all of the guests who have stayed at the hotel.

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