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18 July 2019
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Watkins Hire Website


LD Boilers ensure that every boiler dispatched to the customer is reconditioned to the highest standards to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Wee Chieftain boiler stripped down for reconditioning
Wee Chieftain boiler rebuilt & ready for deployment

Upon a boiler sale being made, the following reconditioning procedure is performed:

  • Hydraulic boiler test.
  • Cold boiler survey and NDT (These independent inspections can be arranged by LD Boilers on behalf of customers or the customer can choose to use another agency).
  • The boiler is then stripped. Any recommended remedial work made by either inspector will then be carried out at this stage.
  • Only when both inspectors are completely satisfied, will the boiler be finally offered to the customer.
  • The boiler will then be rebuilt replacing all: manhole and mud door joints; front and back boiler door joints; gauge glasses; gauge glass packing sleeves; ballcocks and valves (replaced or refurbished as required).
  • If necessary new burners, boiler control panels, self-monitoring level controls, total dissolved solids and automatic blow-down can be fitted at an agreed extra cost.
  • The boiler will then be re-clad where necessary and painted, ready for dispatch.


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